Turning followers into customers

How many times have you tried to buy a foundation only to be disappointed with the wrong shade? Or buy a heavily coveted skincare item only to find out it is not suitable for your skin? It is fair to say that everyone has their fair share of our stories.

The beauty market is widespread and welcomes hundreds of new brands each year. Yet, many people are still on the sidelines because they cannot find the right product or gain access to enough information to make the right decision. The beauty industry is valued at 511 Billion Dollars in 2021 and is expected to grow significantly by 2025. Safe to say that there are plenty of products in the sea for everyone. So, what’s missing?

Welcome to Sawkora!

Welcome to the one-stop social commerce mobile app that specializes in beauty and cosmetics. Usually, one has to go through several platforms and spend quite some time to find out the reviews and recommendations related to any given product. However, not anymore.

We are an app that works as the best combination of a social media platform and an eCommerce platform. We understand that the beauty and cosmetic industry is heavily influenced by recommendations, and rightly so. Leaning into expert’s advice saves many people from wasting their precious money on products that might not work for them. Nowadays, beauty experts and influencers make buying easy by giving their honest opinions and reviews about beauty and cosmetic products.

The downside, however, is to spend valuable time across multiple platforms to get the required information about one single product. It can be time taking, and that serves as a severe disadvantage.

What makes Sawkora special?

The mission behind our app is to engage online shoppers on social media and convert them into followers. We are here to connect consumers directly to an extensive range of products and their respective reviews.

It is now possible to your buy all your favorite products on one platform. Additionally, as consumers, you can now rate and review the products. Sawkora gives its users the unique opportunity to explore and buy a wide range of products at one time in one place. There’s no need to shuffle between multiple apps anymore.

There’s no need to find out the online and physical stores that carry any of your favorite brands or product. Sawkora is genuinely an all-in-one app that makes the exploring, reviewing, engaging, buying, and sharing process easy for all.

It’s an ideal opportunity for brands to showcase their product and start lead generation and sales cycle. Setting up an eCommerce platform and advertising can be time-consuming for a variety of brands. So, Sawkora is here to help you with exposure and an increase in sales. Your brand will get the opportunity to deal directly with customers and get a thorough understanding of their requirements.

So, get your brand on Sawkora and start converting followers into customers.