Social Commerce Mobile App for Beauty & Cosmetics

Consumer Side

We all like to use products and services that somebody recommended, makeup, skincare products, salon, tattoo artists, cosmetic deals.

To find the right products, customers need to visit few platforms, websites, and social media accounts to learn about particular brand or product, and that is time-consuming and can cause confusion for the consumers.

Sakwora is One-Stop-Shop Social Commerce mobile app specialized in beauty and cosmetics.

Vendor Side

What’s the easiest way to conduct market research and determine what your target audience is looking to purchase?

Ask them!

Not Sure How?

We understand that getting your products into people’s hands and generating new sales is tough as a new eCommerce business.

Sakwora got your back!

We’re not just E-commerce we’re also social media platform where people can Buy, Sell, Post, Share, Explore, Rate, and Win deals and products.