Social Commerce Mobile App for Beauty & Cosmetics

The Sakwora mobile app was created to increase and connect customers with your brand by providing a platform, to showcase your products and services.

Social commerce platform

Make shopping social

The Sakwora Mobile App is used daily to help consumers decode product labels, research ingredients, and make informed product-purchasing decisions.

Explore Screenshot

Use your Brand websites data to make connections.

Make Connections 

Combining that expertise with the ability to engage directly with the customers to understand what they want.

Explore News and Deals

Win coupons and exclusive deals

We’re not just E-commerce we’re a also social media platform where people can Buy, Sell, Post, Share, Explore, Win deals and products.

Advertise Your Product

Ecommerce advertising techniques 

Ecommerce advertising techniques to attract more buyers (Video ads, YouTube channels ads, Carousel ads, Sakwora shopping ads).